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Parking @ Platinum - Clovelly



Parents or authorised collectors of Platinum students are the ONLY people who are allowed to use the Platinum Car Park.

The car park is strictly limited to 15mins only and the Arden Street zone is limited to 10mins. Should you wish to spend longer than this at the preschool there is unlimited parking on Greville Street.

The car park must not under any circumstances be used for anything related to St Anthony's Primary School or Church. This includes drop-offs and pick-ups.

Please note that all areas marked in RED above are strictly no parking zones for Platinum parents. This includes our Greville Street driveway which is regularly used for deliveries.

Parents of Platinum students are only to use the spaces for drop-offs and pick-ups between the hours of 7:30am-9:30am and 2:30pm-5:30pm.

These spaces are shared amongst 80 families that are attending on each day so please consider others and avoid taking more than 15mins to drop-off or pick-up if you are using the car park. Exceeding the 15 minute drop off / pick up period may result in your access being cancelled. If you do need to stay longer for any reason please call ahead to request permission or use unlimited parking on Greville Street.

Under no circumstances are you to use the St Anthony's Drop-off / Pick-up zone on Arden St. If you are found to be using this zone it may result in your access to the Platinum Car Park being cancelled.

The car park is NOT to be used on days when your child does not attend Platinum.

Car park usage is for drop-off and pick-up ONLY of children who attend Platinum Pre School on their allocated day.

By enrolling your child at Platinum you agree to these Terms of Use and you acknowledge that Platinum Pre School will not be held liable for any damage or theft from/of your car whilst using the car park.

You agree to NEVER leave children unattended in the car park either in or out of your car.



  • Demerit points: You only have 12 and it takes three years for lost points to be returned.

  • No Parking in a school zone: you are allowed 2 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods and you must remain within 3 metres of your vehicle. The 2 minute limit applies from when you stop the vehicle. Penalty is $180 and 2 demerit points.

  • No Stopping area - Stopping is not permitted in these areas for any reason. This includes corners and spaces either side of a pedestrian crossing. Penalty is $325 and 2 demerit points.

  • Double parking: Penalty is $325 and 2 demerit points

Double parking blocks the road, blocks vision for people traveling behind and encourages vulnerable small children onto the road between cars that are often ready to move.

Parking officers will be outside the school and preschool on a regular basis to ensure cars are being parked in an appropriate manner. They will issue fines without hesitation to anyone found to be parking incorrectly.


Children and Cars

The vulnerability of children around cars cannot be overemphasised. Restricted visibility and blind spots can make reversing a vehicle an awkward manoeuvre at the best of times. Add to this the unpredictability of children, their small size and their lack of traffic understanding it is important that we are all vigilant with our road safety.  Please be patient and understanding, our parking system is designed to assist safety for all.


Patience & Understanding

Please be patient with the drop-off and pick-up process at the preschool as everyone is learning and becoming familiar with the system.  Getting angry or cross with people who are trying to keep your children safe does not assist the process.  If you have any questions or suggestions to improve things please raise them with us in an appropriate manner.

We live in a very busy part of Sydney, however, if everyone respects the parking processes that are in place, there is no reason why it won't work well for everybody.

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