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Parking @ Platinum



Parents or authorised collectors of Platinum students are ONLY to park in the spaces on the East side of the parking lot. These spaces are marked with our logo on a large white banner. Please do NOT park for any reason in the spaces allocated to the Church & Presbytery or OLSH Staff or Platinum Staff.

Parents of Platinum students are only to use the spaces for drop offs and pick ups between the hours of 7:00am to 9:30am and 2:30pm-5:30pm.

These spaces are shared between all 70 families that are attending on each day so please consider others and avoid taking more than 15mins to drop off or pick up if you are using the car park. Exceeding the 15 minute drop off / pick up period may result in your access being cancelled. If you do need to stay longer for any reason please call ahead to request permission.

Under no circumstances is the car park to be used for picking up or dropping off OLSH students. There is a drop off zone on Milford Street for OLSH students. Your car park card will be cancelled if this occurs.

The car park is NOT to be used on days when your child does not attend Platinum. Your car park card will be cancelled if this occurs.

Car park usage is for drop-off and pick-up ONLY of children whom attend Platinum Pre School on their allocated day.

Once you have dropped-off or picked-up your child please leave the car park immediately. Re-parking in the Church car park is not permitted. Please note that the other spaces in the car park do not belong to us so cannot be used by Platinum Pre School parents.

Your Car Park Access Card is rented to you for the duration of your child’s enrolment at Platinum Pre School. When your family leaves Platinum Pre School your card must be returned.

If your card is lost or misplaced you will incur a $30 replacement fee.

By agreeing to these Terms of Use you acknowledge that Platinum Pre School will not be held liable for any damage or theft from or theft of your car whilst using the car park.

There is to be STRICTLY NO TAILGATING into the car park. Please do not allow anyone else to follow you in and slow down after entering in order to allow the gate to close.

You agree to NEVER leave children unattended in the car park.

Please consider when using the Platinum Pre School car park that usage of this facility is part of our lease with the Church and abuse of these terms could result in the right of usage being revoked for all families.

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