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School Readiness


At Platinum Pre School we believe in constant reflection on practices and performance. When we opened the doors of our first campus in 2010, our Directors, Jo and Nichola were looking for suitable pre schools for their own daughters, so we were motivated to create an environment with a strong focus on education and school readiness in the early years.

At Platinum we have a clear understanding of the social, emotional and academic skills that children need to successfully transition into the primary school world. We endeavour to balance these essential skills to develop a love of learning in the formative years of our students.

We take an approach to early education that is different to the centres around us. This does not mean that the foundations and values of our approach is any better or worse than the other 5,800 long day care services across Australia. However, it is unquestionable that an industry as large as ours, with such a huge responsibility to the future generations of Australia must be measured, must be meeting certain minimum standards, and most of all, must be constantly reflecting on our principles and practises. At Platinum, children are provided with a variety of experiences in their daily programme that help make the transition to school a positive experience. Our teachers provide written information about school readiness for parents prior to them going to school. Our teachers also endeavour to create partnerships between Platinum and the local schools in our community to ensure an open exchange of information and understanding particular entry requirements. Many of the terms we use and routines are there to assist the parents in moving onto primary school.

In order to give children every opportunity to grow and thrive at Platinum, we implement the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Frameworks into our educational programmes. These well researched platforms reach out to educators in a considered and well rounded system of principles and practices that provide room for the varying values, beliefs and backgrounds for all kinds of Early Education approach. It allows us to balance Intentional Teaching and play based learning in a way that seamlessly blends with Platinum’s own approach.

Why starting early matters

Neurological research shows that what children learn in the early years plays a key role in their brain’s development. Bringing quality early childhood experiences also heavily influences the health and social outcome of these children for future years.

At Platinum our focus only just begins with the academic development of our children. Our main focus is based around empowering children with confidence and resilience. When we talk about confidence we mean confidence in relationships with family, teachers and friends. Confidence that will give them the strength to take risks, speak up, discover, self regulate and understand the needs and interactions of their peers. With confidence comes a willingness to learn – children will reach out for new knowledge – learning is a risk.

We also have a strong focus on instilling values early in an effort to give children the tools that will shape who they become.

School Readiness at Platinum

At Platinum we focus on a number of key areas in order to help prepare them for school. These areas include:

  • Building relationships – with staff, peers and community.

  • Developing confidence in being in a larger group – behaviour, meeting needs of others, listening to teachers, assemblies, learning to take turns.

  • Building independence – getting ready in morning, routines, eating lunch and putting rubbish in the bin.

  • Children bringing own lunches - independence on knowing what to eat and in what order eg. sandwich, then biscuits, how to open packaging.

  • Rotating groups - children rotate throughout the day to different teachers focusing on various Key Learning Areas.

  • Excursions to local primary schools - becoming familiar with school environment

  • Developing community awareness - through exposure to charities and other community focused events.

  • Bounce Back Programme – a resilience programme also used in Primary School that focuses on practical strategies to help children function well in school life, whilst promoting positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

  • Singing National Anthem



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