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"My Husband and I feel incredibly blessed to have both our children attending Platinum Pre School at Randwick. Everyday Olivia and Walt come home happy with their day, full of stories on what they have learned. We are constantly astounded at the progress they are making as they reach the milestone of attending kindergarten. All the staff are just incredible, they are warm / caring / funny and engaging with all the kids (and their Parents)! Platinum promotes a wonderful community spirit and we have made many great friends thru the various Platinum functions. Cooking nights at Ronald McDonald house or just a get together for a social (parents) night just to name a few. Thankyou Platinum, Olivia and Walt are very lucky to be attending Platinum during these very important years....and so are we!"


"There are so many positives about Platinum it's hard to narrow them down. What makes it different to other childcare centres, it has got to be the people. Between the directors, teachers and office staff, everyone is happy. It's the first thing that struck me about Platinum, everyone is happy to be there and that's before you even talk about the kids. We've been regularly delighted with Grace's progress. She's exploring complex concepts in a practical way that she really enjoys and is making huge progress with the basics too. Writing her own name at 3 years old makes us very proud and boastful parents. The use of technology, be it Tumblr, Facebook, e-newsletters and videos to keep us up-to-date and involved with activities is excellent (and it does the boasting for us!)."


"I am grateful everyday of the high quality and standards set at Platinum PreSchool. This is evident in your amazing teachers. My daughter absolutely loves going to school here and is always talking about it! I feel blessed that her and in future, her brother are taught & cared for everyday by your wonderful staff. Keep up the brilliant work!"


"Dear Jo, Congratulations on your beautiful family and the establishment of Platinum Pre School. I see news feeds of events, such as "Giverny in June", and the wonderful fundraising and collaboration you have done with Ronald McDonald house. You are to be commended for the great work yourself and your colleagues do in the community.  As a secondary school teacher (visual arts) I think it is outstanding  the approach you have taken in addressing the educational needs (emotionally,socially and academically)  of children in the pre school years. Too many children reach high school with only the most rudimentary of reading skills etc, denying them the necessary educational tools to navigate their path as lifelong learners. As parents and teachers we want to nurture within our kids a love of learning that allows them to engage, question and analyse the world around them. Through the development of your pre school you are enriching the lives of many young children and a great deal many more to come. If I still lived in Sydney I would not hesitate to send my three little children to one of your centres. Yours sincerely Phaedra"


"Just wanted to let you know how happy my husband Dylan and I are with the way our son Maison has settled in at Platinum Pre-School. He loves coming so much and we can already see, in such a short time, how much he is learning!!!! You have done the most amazing job in creating an outstanding pre school that we feel very privileged to send our son to. All the staff are so welcoming and professional, a true indication and reflection of you as leaders. We are so grateful that you are playing such a vital role during these critical early learning years…. Maison is a very lucky little boy!"


"To the amazing team at Platinum Pre School... Thank you so much for the fabulous Christmas concert and celebrations. I don't know who had bigger smiles, the kids or the adults in attendance. We are so blessed to have you caring for our children. The love and attention you give them is much appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you."


"We are so fortunate to have our son at Platinum Pre School The staff are warm, nurturing educators who take time to know each child in their care. The programs are innovative, leaving enough time for our children to explore play, make friends and grow. Their school readiness program has also left me confident that the transition to school will be easier. Thank you to all of the team!"

"Platinum Pre school is amazing! Management should be congratulated on how well run it is. We feel very lucky to have our son attending this Pre school. Thanks to Platinum Pre school I can see him learning and developing so quickly and so well."

“We would like to say a big thank you.  Prior to going to Platinum, he was exceptionally timid, scared of everything (including other children) and his speech therapy seemed to be going nowhere.  Somewhat developmentally delayed.  Now he is so happy, he plays with other children and his speech has improved so much.  To our absolute delight, not only is he catching up, but he loves Platinum Pre School and tries to tell us all about it (last night was the best – he was able to say he joined in singing, and sang us a song – this from someone who refused to say anything not six months ago!).  I know your school set out to be special and really nurture and develop children, and Christopher is absolute proof that you not only meant it, you did it!

We are forever grateful and cannot speak highly enough of your programme, but more importantly, your wonderful staff”.

A friend has taken Ro to the Aquarium today and the excitement was beyond anything due to his study unit at the moment.Ronan comes home each day blurting out several things he learnt that day. That’s never happened at any centre my children have attended.

Thanks so much for a fabulous pre-school. You do an incredible job.

“Thank you for your letter confirming placement for Thursdays and Fridays in 2011.  Emma absolutely loves Platinum Preschool and her confidence continues to improve each day. We're very much looking forward to next year and cannot thank you enough for arranging and re-arranging days to ensure Emma can continue her Thursday and Friday sessions.

Many thanks for accommodating us next year and for all that you do for the kids everyday.”

“Just wanted to confirm Tyra’s place for next year on Wednesdays and Fridays. Thank you, she is really happy there”.

“Thank you kindly for accepting Dionysia for the coming year. We are excited for her to continue with Platinum, we have found her to be so happy, and learning so much”.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for creating such a wonderful centre and group of people where Zack loves to come.  Although I don't get to see it myself very often, mum always tells me about the caring nature of the staff and the many and varied activities you create for the children”. 

“We are delighted to confirm that Will will attend Platinum Pre-School on Thursdays and Fridays in 2011. Thank you for your flexibility in allowing this to continue.

Thank you for your time and the continued high level of care that is evident at Platinum”.

“Hi there. This is an email to confirm that both our daughters Alex and Amy would like to accept a placement for 2011 (for Tuesdays and Thursdays). They have both settled in very well and we are so pleased they can continue on at Platinum next year”.

“Hi there, I am very happy to accept the place offered to Rory for preschool starting January 2011 for a Tuesday and Friday.

Thanks again, he has been really happy with Platinum as have we”.

“Thank you for offering Amelia a placement at Platinum Pre School on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2011. We are delighted to accept.

Amelia has thoroughly enjoyed her time at pre school this year and we are thrilled she has settled in, bonded with her teachers and making some lovely friends”.

“Platinum collaborates with many third parties to ensure parents are provided with excellent information with regard to general well being of preschoolers. Parents are supported in the readiness of their children going onto primary school. The children get amazing support in preparation for primary school. Platinum is never complacent - they continue to strive to provide the very best in preschool care and education and they always put the children first.


“The communication with parents far exceeds expectations. The newsletters are just brilliant and I love getting the useful text messages too. Family play dates outside of the preschool are held regulalry, as are fund raising events for families to also attend.

Christmas is celebrated within the centre and with all families and the children are made to feel v special. Platinum supports Ronald McDonald house and is active in supporting its community.

The strong bond with the OLSH parish is also great and children are invited to play an active role (if desired).”

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