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Platinum Philosophy

At Platinum we….

  • believe in acknowledging the original custodians of this land at our Randwick campus, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, and at our Prestons campus, the Cabrogal people of the Darug Nation and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.
  • believe in the creation of a faith centred environment where a catholic ethos is fostered  through the role modelling and exploration of our weekly values.

  • believe that each child, family and educator is a unique and valued individual, whose diversity and differences are celebrated and explored.

  • believe learning is enhanced in an environment where you feel a strong sense of belonging and hope.

  • believe in providing a caring and happy atmosphere in which the children are encouraged to express themselves freely and demonstrate their individuality.

  • believe in nourishing each child and educator’s soul, creativity and imagination.

  • believe in creating a dynamic learning environment that stimulates curious minds and encourages movement through our daily rotating routine.

  • believe in creating a foundation of ‘kindness’ and embedding this value into our everyday lives and practices.  

  • believe play is essential in the lives of young children and should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging.

  • believe in exploring our relationship to technology and utilising advances in this area to to further encourage the exploration of our world and ourselves, in relation to it.

  • believe in acknowledging our families’ and children’s interest in the journey towards  school and thus embed ‘school readiness’ within our daily program.

  • believe in promoting a love of life and exploring the healthy lifestyle practices that enable us to thrive by role modelling and encouraging positive food choices, active play and mindfulness.

  • believe in the fostering the connection between body mind and spirit.

  • believe in fostering a love of our planet and the beautiful environment that sustains us.

  • believe in educating children on the fundamental sustainable practices that can positively  impact on our everyday lives and embedding these within our program.    

We believe children:

  • are capable, resourceful and valued members of our community.

  • need a wide range of stimulating play experiences to develop their potential for learning.

  • should be able to explore, experiment, imitate and ask questions to develop their thinking and problem solving skills.

  • are unique -  their eagerness, curiosity and creative thinking should be fostered and encouraged.

  • should be able to make choices and be allowed time to reflect and explore, encouraging their sense of self.

  • benefit from developing skills such as resilience, tolerance, respect, empathy and kindness to enable them to grow into well rounded citizens of the world.

  • deserve to feel safe and secure and to develop a positive self-esteem and a strong sense of well-being.

  • should be well equipped and provided with every opportunity to transition smoothly from care into Primary School.

  • are entitled to an early education that is transformative and joyful and should be supported to explore their learning interests.

  • can flourish when given the opportunity to explore and engage in holistic health and wellbeing practices.   

We believe our staff:

  • deserve to feel valued, recognised and heard.

  • each bring a unique and diverse perspective on life which needs to be respected and supported.

  • play an integral role in creating a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere, where kindness is central to every interaction.

  • work together to create a stimulating and ‘team’ like environment that meets the individual needs of each child and that of their families.

  • are guided by the EYLF to provide a balance of intentional teaching and play-based activities, that are essential to children’s learning and foster every aspect of the ‘whole child’.

  • gain knowledge, adaptability and insight into current practices through continual critical reflection.

  • flourish and evolve as educators through the opportunity to engage in professional development experiences. 

In partnerships with families and communities, we believe:

  • that parents, carers and families are, and always will be, the primary influence over their children.

  • that we thrive when we work collaboratively with families to provide the best possible care and education for their children.

  • each family’s values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged, respected and reflected within our Platinum program and environment.

  • in the importance of playing a charitable role within the community.

  • in creating a joyous community spirit that highlights the important roles that everyone can play to positively impact the wider community.

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