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Parenting with Dr Justin Coulson


12748037 969855709728520 8246411619535267165 oWe were thrilled to have Dr Justin Coulson visit us yesterday evening to host seminars with our staff and local parent community on Emotional Intelligence and positive parenting strategies. We have had some wonderful feedback already from the community and hope that everyone enjoyed the seminars.

Dr Coulson started with a staff seminar for our educators and how they can build more emotionally intelligent relationships with children.

Research shows that students learn better when they feel secure in their educational relationships, and educators who are emotionally intelligent can provide that security. We stepped through the four key aspects of emotional intelligence and Dr Coulson gave us some techniques including induction, perspective-taking, iterative questioning, and gentle reminders.

After the staff seminar, Dr Coulson provided our community with a parent seminar which covered aspects of his new book - 21 Days to a Happier Family.

Everyone wants their family to be happy. But so many things get in the way. The usual suspects include work stress, commitments, and our children’s challenging behaviour. But some of the less obvious obstacles include our habits and expectations, a reactive (rather than pro-active) approach, and even a lack of clarity around what a happy family is and does. As a result, families often feel (or are) fragmented, stressful, and out of control.

The seminar was designed to equip parents with a fresh way of proactively developing the habits that will strengthen their family, combining cutting-edge insights from the positive psychology arena, and classic psychological research underpinning relationships, parenting, and personal choices.

For more information on these seminars or to buy Dr Coulson's books please visit -

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KindiFarm 2016


Recently at our Randwick and Prestons campuses the children arrived to find the pre schools transformed into farmyards!

It was with much anticipation that we waited for the farmers to get the animals ready to introduce them to the children. Each child had an engaging, hands-on experience of the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of the farm. This active environment encouraged the children’s engagement in learning about the world around them. Kindifarm also embraces an experience that relates to the Early Years Learning Framework. It takes "an integrated, holistic approach to teaching and learning also focuses on connections to the natural world. Educators foster children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land".

Photos from Randwick


Photos from Prestons


Charity Socks


This year Ronald McDonald House Randwick are celebrating their 25th Anniversary of Ronald McDonald House Randwick. They are aiming to raise $25,000 by their Birthday on Friday 8th April 2016 and a grand total of $250,000 within a year.

Purchase a pair of socks and wear them on their birthday (Friday 8th April), to show your love and support of their amazing cause. It's no fun wearing your silly socks in private, they want to see you wearing your socks proudly so don’t forget to take a photo, upload it to social media and tag them in your photos for your chance to be featured! They cost $10 each and the price includes postage and handling.



Just Be Project


IMG 2691Did you know that your brain have on average over 50,000 thought impulses floating and flashing through it each day, made up of actions, responses, creative ideas, to do lists, stresses, anxieties, goals, beliefs, concerns, dreams and more. I'm exhausted just thinking about that.


Oops and now it's 50,001.

Our minds are a bit like snow domes, where every bit of snow represents one of those thoughts. So why is it that some people are able to live with all that brain activity and still feel peaceful, calm, positive and happy and yet some of us feel agitated by the brain’s activity, unable to order the thoughts or prioritise them or settle them? I don't know. I'm no expert. I have no degree in behavioral science or psychology. But over the last couple of years I've given this a LOT of consideration and time. Each day I give more and more of my 50,000+ thoughts to being more positive and to practising the art of just ….being. I work on practices such as mindfulness, meditation and anything really that will help me realise which of those thoughts in the snow dome take priority, which ones are important and which ones do I need to let go and settle to the bottom. And it’s working.

So each week this year I invite YOU to consider, contemplate, be open to and practice 52 ways of JUST BEING. Every week you will be invited to consider one way to stop shaking up the snow dome, to let those thoughts settle and allow your mind, body and spirit to JUST BE.


What’s YOUR definition of happy? Meaningfulness, pleasure, feeling good, worthwhile, contentment. One person's definition of happiness will be very different from yours. It's not possible to experience happy all of the time. We will all inevitably experience pain and suffering too. Perhaps a happy moment or even a happy life is when we allow and encourage our positive experiences to outweigh the negative ones. Define Happy. See Happy. Choose Happy. Remember Happy. Imagine Happy.

“May I recognise and appreciate the happiness that is available to me every moment in every day”
Bernadette Cogin

Anne Carey visits Randwick


It was an absolute delight to have Anne Carey (Western Australian of the Year) and her partner Donald visit the pre school today to speak about the amazing work that they do in providing medical assistance to remote communities around the world. 

Anne worked in Sierra Leone on three assignments, alongside thousands of other brave local Red Cross volunteers, to help treat the sick, run Ebola treatment centres and dispose of contagious dead bodies safely. Previously, Anne has worked in Darfur, Sudan, in South Sudan and in Papua New Guinea.

They spoke about the importance of kindness and the children told them how they are kind in their own day to day lives.

What a lovely afternoon!

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