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25 Acts of Kindness

Christmas Kindness

This year at Platinum we will be continuing our tradition tradition for Christmas with Kindness Elves! 

From the 1st of December our Platinum Fairies will be going on vacation and their Christmas Elf friends will be house sitting for them to water their plants and take care of their pets. 

The elves have suggested that we do daily acts of kindness in preparation for Christmas by focusing on positive, character-building activities for kids. Teaching love, kindness and gratitude.

We have come up with 25 Acts of Kindness that our Elves will encourage the children to perform in the lead up to Christmas. These Acts of Kindness are as follows:

  1. Help someone to complete something difficult by using kind words.
  2. Make a love mobile with words such as joy, love and hope for someone special.
  3. Draw your partner a picture with 3 things you like about them in.
  4. Tell someone you love them... just the way they are.
  5. If you see someone is upset go and ask if they are ok.
  6. Tell a friend at preschool why you like them as a friend.
  7. Be kind to animals of all sizes, including ants!
  8. Play a game with someone you don't normally play with.
  9. Give your teachers and carers an extra hug and thank them for taking care of you.
  10. Let your neighbour know that it's great to live beside them.
  11. Share your toys with a friend or sibling.
  12. Give away a toy that you don't need to someone less fortunate.
  13. Write or draw something nice about someone on a piece of paper and hide it for them to find.
  14. Tell the people you love what you are thankful for.
  15. Give a big smile to everyone you meet - it will brighten up their day!
  16. Ask your parents and teachers how you can help them today.
  17. Let someone else go ahead of you in the line - at Preschool or in the shops.
  18. Clean up toys at home and preschool - even if you didn't make the mess!
  19. Help out a child who is younger than you.
  20. Tell someone they look wonderful today!
  21. Call or write letters to grandparents or relatives who you don’t see often.
  22. Make a decoration or a picture for someone older in the community.
  23. Bake or make a present for someone.
  24. Put a coin in a charity box.
  25. Tell each member of your family why you love them and why you are thankful for them.

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New Online Portfolios


We recently introduced a new online portfolio system at Platinum called Storypark, which not only allows us to provide updates and feedback about your child's day-to-day at Platinum, but also allows families to share their experiences and achievements at home.

Through you sharing the interests and the daily activities of your child at home, we are able to better tailor their early education at Platinum to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

The response has been fantastic, with many of our families at both campuses getting involved with Storypark. Below are some photos that our families have uploaded to their Storyparks recently:


The creators of Storypark believe that a child’s growth is determined by their individual nature and the way they’re nurtured. Every child is unique and perfect. But society is becoming increasingly isolated. Neighbourhoods, families, generations and individuals are separated by the pace and practices of modern-day life.

They believe it takes a community to raise a child, and have created Storypark as a platform to help support this belief. By recognising a child’s individual interests and passions, and enabling the community around them to best support their learning we can make a positive difference to our children’s futures, and in the lives of the people that care for them.

Early Childhood Minister Visit


12027152 876145815797359 576762318798443859 oIt was an absolute pleasure recently to give a tour of our Prestons campus to NSW Minister for Early Childhood Education Leslie Williams and Member for Holsworthy Melanie Gibbons MP. The children were very proud to show off the pre school and give them a 2015 experience of what it is like to attend a Platinum Pre School. They had a great time driving a fire truck with the children and learning about how we implement technology in early education.

Their visit was in support of the new Long Day Care National Partnership Grants Program which is part of an agreement between the NSW and Commonwealth Governments to increase participation in preschool programs for four and five-year-old children in the year before school.

At Platinum we have a strong focus on school readiness and programs like this are a wonderful support in increasing the quality of early education in NSW.

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Fathers Day Charity BBQ


Someone once said “I’m a strong person, but every now and then, I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.”

This, amongst so many other things is what Ronald McDonald House does for the families of seriously ill children every day! And that is why the parents of Platinum got together recently to cook a special Father’s Day BBQ for the residents of the Randwick House. Often the Dads of these children take it upon themselves to be the strong person in the family, so it was our pleasure to take one evening out of our own week to help lighten the load for these families by cooking them dinner and supporting them and the operation of The House.

According to Ronald McDonald House the day-to-day operation of the house costs in excess $2,500 and supports over 80 people every day. Many of these people come from distant regional areas for the child’s treatment and can often have to make Ronald McDonald House their “home away from home” for months at a time.

Ronald McDonald House, Randwick relies significantly on donations of money and supplies to simply provide the basic necessities for their residents and is the reason that Platinum does everything that we can to support their needs.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped out on the night and extra special thanks to Eileen Trinca and Emily Morrow who have been tirelessly arranging these cooking nights for years now.

So far this year we have done the following for RMH: 

  • Hosted Mother’s and Father’s Day cooking nights for their residents.
  • Donated items from their Wish List.
  • Attended their fund raising Trivia Night.
  • Done a number of parent walk-throughs of The House.
  • Donated a massive amount of Easter eggs to the residents of The House.
  • Participated in their Helping Hands Road Trip
  • And raised over $42,000 at our through our Little Creations Art Show.

What an amazing community effort, all of our Platinum families should be very proud!!!




Newsletter 31

newsletter 31

Issue 31 of the Platinum Pre School Newsletter is hot off the press! Yippee!

It's full of interesting articles from our specialist writers, pre school updates and community news.


Download Newsletter - Issue 31

We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather with Spring just around the corner as much as we are here at Platinum. We have all sorts of exciting things planned for the new season with lots of activities and learning opportunities based around the new life that Spring brings.

Some of our children have started talking about going to school next year and we continue to work on our school readiness so that all the children go off to big school with confidence and enthusiasm. Our recent library visits have been excellent insights for the children into the world of primary school.

At both campuses we have seen a huge amount of support for Ronald McDonald House and the Dandelion Network with fundraisers and contribution programmes. This outstanding community support sets a wonderful example for our little ones and reflects Quality Area 6 of the Early Years Learning Framework: Collabrative partnerships with families and communities.

This newsletter also has some fantastic articles from our specialist contributors that could help answer some of those niggling questions that you may have about your child’s development. Enjoy...

Jo & Nichola


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