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Dejunk your body & get ready for Spring...


We have been blessed with a very mild Winter, which some people say means it’s going to be a HOT Summer……

You might be thinking Spring is nearly here. Soon, your body that you have been hiding under clothes throughout Winter, will be revealed….

September is a busy time in gyms. More and more people get outside to do some exercise, as people want to feel the warm fresh air. They get nervous, as soon the beaches will be filled with bikins and speedos……

This doesn’t have to be you, if you follow these 5 success tips:

Step 1

Decide what you want to look like, find a photo, stick it on your fridge and write out your 3 monthly goals; 

Step 2

Plan a realistic routine, make an excel spreadsheet with AM and PM for each day and write out your exercise plan and food for the week;

Step 3

Do a weekly shop including lots of ‘whole foods’; fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meats, chicken and fish. If you are unsure seek the help of a nutritionist.

You could make batches of food for the week and freeze them in portions.

Step 4

If you lack motivation, sign up to a gym or outdoor group training and enlist the help of a Personal Trainer. Get them to do your measurements including weight, BMI, Body Fat % and girth measurements. This will be a good starting point to work out what your ideal body composition should be and gives you something to work towards. You can then reassess every 4 weeks, setting new goals if need be. Don’t forget to take a before photo.

Step 5

Decide what you love doing as this will help you to make yoru exercise a consistent activity in your weekly routine. Get a Personal Trainer to look after your strength program and you can focus on your cardio such as running, swimming, cycling, walking, a gym /outdoor cardio class or even a join a team sport.

Most importantly make that commitment to yourself and your children to get healthy and lead by example. It is never too late to give your child the best start in life……..

Total Health First

Total Health First

Total Health First's Andrea Hutchinson-Seeto is a Qualified Personal Trainer who operates out of Randwick Fitness First with her Husband Christian.

They operate and run the business - Total Health First. Andrea also has a mums and bubs class called Beach Baby Fit that is held @ Bardon Park, Coogee.

Join them anytime for a complimentary session.

To organise, contact Andrea on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0408 205 297.

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