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Tips for making shopping healthy & easy for busy parents!


Does this sound familiar – it’s 3.30pm, you’ve picked the kids up from school and need to head to the shops, then get the kids home to do their homework, make dinner, exercise if you didn’t that morning, tidy up the house, feed & bath the kids and spend some time with your partner. Sounds crazy doesn’t it!  But this is real life at about 4-8pm for most families.  How can I make more time you ask???  One way is to fit in a quick 30 minute walk in the morning (if you can), meal plan & shop over the weekend.  I say to myself I need to plan my meals more, so I am not at the shops every day!  I love food shopping and buying fresh produce but now that I have a toddler and a baby on the way, I need more time! I tend to have certain things I buy at the supermarket (toilet rolls, some cleaning products, frozen peas, nappies etc) and others at the fruit market, health shop, fish market and deli.   But all who has all that spare time? 

A great article I read recently from The Food Coach* researched some key common grocery items from the supermarket and the best brands to choose and why.

Yoghurt – Jalna.  This is a personal preference of mine (as well as Barambah Organics, which is only available from health stores).  Both are excellent quality natural yoghurts with nothing added; no sugars, no flavours, no thickeners – just the benefits of good bacteria.

Cheese – Nimbin Natural Ebo cheese.  This is a great tasting cheese that is low in salt.

Olive Oil – Look for dark glass bottles to keep the oil from oxidising.  Cobram Estate was a standout.

Canned tomatoes – a regular we all buy often.  Organic brands are good & look for low sodium content or no added salt.  Lagina came up trumps here as they are just a tin of tomatoes, that’s it!

Pasta – always look for whole wheat/ wholegrain.  Barilla make a great whole wheat spaghetti as does the Macro range.

Cereals – a big issue here!  There is so much hype around sugar laden supermarket breakfast cereals and so there should be. Majority should be in the confectionery isle, as their sugar content is similar to a packet of lollies.   Coles and Macro brands do lovely wholegrain oats – add nuts, seeds and organic dried fruits and you can make a healthy start to the day. 

I could go on.  Be vigilant at the shops and buy good quality produce.  The less the ingredients listed on an item, generally the better.  Also don’t be fooled by low fat or no sugar.  Low fat items generally have added sugar to put back the taste and no sugar can mean an item is artificially sweetened something you really don’t want!

Health & Happiness,

Kim Holmes

Kim Holmes


Kim Holmes is Platinum Pre School's preffered Nutritionist, she writes specifically tailored articles for the Platinum Newsletter and advises our staff on questions related to childhood nutrition. 

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